Was he having a bad day??

Yesterday heading to the Dartford tunnel, around A2 turnoff, the overhead gantry started flashing “Obstruction in Road Slow Down” speed advisory 40mph and the 4th lane displaying a directional arrow to ‘get out of lane’

How many of us follow this request?

So I filter slowly outside the outside of the 3rd lane (which is travelling at around 30mph) and carefully scan the road ahead, slightly worried no one in the 4th lane is either:

a) slowing down
b) moving over
c) seemed to have seen the signs at all.

My forward vision spots a red X with flashing lights about half a mile on the next gantry. Somethings not right. I slow down some more. The 4th lane backs up very quickly and becomes a car park. A fluorescent clad traffic policeman is walking down the 4th lane towards all the parked cars, stopping at each one.

I quote the policeman:

With a raised voice and big arm gestures he tells the car to lower his window, then proceeds to say “What does that RED X mean?” “Lane Closed” “Then WHY are you still in the lane?” “Theres someones life in danger and this lane is CLOSED” “Move over immediately!” sheepishly the driver does, while the copper continues to walk to next car.

Hilariously all the drivers behind this chap know whats coming and cant escape…until I passed him, the copper spoke to 10 cars in that way! Brilliant work mate! Great way to release steam! :smiley:

Copper 1
Stupid Cagers 0

:smiley: nice!

good on him! Next time that happens and someone cant get much needed help it could be on of their family:(


Quality :smiley:

If there is a red X then it is a 3 pointer and a fine.

Good on that copper, but there was one on a motorway where he was sat in the closed lane, with the video recording. He apparently then sent out over thee hundred notification of prosecutions.

That is a hit rate.

that makes a refreshing change from catching speeders!!!:wink: