Was gona....

Have a good ride out a week on sunday and call it ‘ASBO’s Last Ride’ but unfortunately due to my own stupidity mainly the bikes not gona be back on the road this weekend but may well be after next saturday if all goes well.

I left a few bits back at camp… umm the rear brake for one so the bike wont be complete and ready for the MOT this weekend so im gona have to get it in for a week saturday.

The other thing is next friday might be my last day in essex if im getting me leave before i start at my new place.

So all depending on the next week i may or may not get a Last Ride… watch this space

m8 that sucks:angry: seems ages the last time you was on the bcr. where you getting posted to?

can’t you sod the expense and buy what you need this weekend?

Im off up to Melton Mowbry for 8 weeks then most likely end up in Germany. Part of me wants to go to Germany cause the place i’ll go to i know like the back of my hand and there is some good roads to play on and the life over there is great, the only thing im gona miss from being in the UK more so london/essex area is the riding. Im gona ask for Luffenham or Aldershot but there is 3 units in Germany and i rekon thats where they will send me cause they need people out there. Oh yeah another thing if i go to Germany it means i get to go out to Afghan sooner rather than later which is sumat else i realy wana do.

Im a squaddy, have you not heard how crap our wages are :hehe:

If i dont get to make it out before i move i will bully one of the lads into putting me up for a weekend and come back down for a rideout ;):hehe:

Mmm, I best clear the garage out then…your bike can stay in the house but you?!*%:blink:

lol, cheers Sneaky…

Even more bad news today, thought id check the spokes on my bike and fugg me im glad i did, the front is fine but the rears are loose as fugg… Tried to tighten them up but the spokes just started bending so the rear needs rebuilding aswell so i deffo wont be out before i move now :crying:

The front will obviously out last the rear cause its hardly on the tarmac!:laugh:

Hmm yeah you got a point there :smiley: When ive got the dosh im gona get a cush drive rear but for now its just a case of getting it re-spoked