Warped discs ???

A few weeks ago i fitted some Carbon Lorraine SBK 5 pads to my R1, bedded them in for about four days, roughly 120 - 130 miles and then did a trackday at Brands.

During the afternoon of the day i started to feel a pulsing through the bars under heavy braking, it wasn’t a judder just a slight on and off pulsing.

Now back on the road something is not right, when braking at crawling pace i get a god awful noise and when its wet the brakes are no where like they should be. In the dry there ok.

Is it the discs, bearings or simply the pads??

absolutely no idea > get it checked.

Pads not fit correctly? Just a thought?

Yeah that was my first point of call, they seem fine though.

Yup thats exactly how mine were when I warped my disks! Get em checked mate. I warped mine in the South of France at the start of my holiday and when I got home they had got a lot worse!

Cheers Terry, i can now see my bank balance taking a bit of a battering.

Dont know if it will work or would be worth it, but see if you can get em skimmed.

Also, if bike is quite new, see if they can be changed under warrenty??? They will try to pull the wear and tear malarkey, but if it’s low mileage etc… it shouldnt be fair wear and tear!

Its out of warranty now so unfortunately not an option.

Could be warped discs, but by the sound of it you may have glazed the pads/discs which could also give a similar effect (depends how bad the pulsing through the lever is). So before you buy new discs (skimming won’t really work on warped discs, they’ll be smooth, but still warped) get the pads out and clean/rough them up with some sand paper. Also give your discs a rub down with some wet and dry. Then bed them in again i.e. 10 stops from about 60mph, braking progressively harder each time.

If you still get pulsing, put the bike up on paddock stands. Then stick a match onto a forkleg wih some bluetack so that the end of the match is about 1mm from the disc surface. Spin the wheel and see if the 1mm gets bigger/smaller - a mm or two of lateral movement in the disc is OK, anymore and you should replace the disc.

Fridayman, that sort of makes sense.

The pulsing was not that bad at all and to be honest ive not really felt it since the trackday where there is obviously alot heavier braking going on.

The noise i get sounds like the pad is not gripping properly, more like its gliding but trying to grip if that makes any sense.

Will have to have a look in the morning.