Warped brake disc


Geez i can see why your called old guy

I was just offering some advice not buying anything for him. My advice is Mechanical not anything else and if you did notice i did say (best Practice) hyd systems will yes take up the slack but will wear the pads uneven your sarcasm is not needed and not warrented. maybe next time i shall just trowl the forams looking for people being helpful and attack them because it makes me feel important!!


dont know if this is too late or what bike you ride but i bought wavey disks for my srad £108 including postage from hongkong i also got a set for my 4/6 gullarm full set 120 inc postage they work fantasicly and are lighter than original so inertia is less?(sounds technical , says that on the advert ) it only takes 20 mins to change disks id do it for nothing if you lived anywhere near brands ebay name i got them from …
half the price of anywhere else
new pads would be best idea too

That’s easy for you to say;):smiley: