Warped brake disc


my front right disc is warped, and I was wondering whether it can be saved or do I have to fork out for a new one :frowning:

The bike’s done 4000 miles, so the disc is pretty new, its just that im a numb nutz and tried pullung off a while back with the disc lock attached (i’m sure most have done it!).

symptoms: uneven braking at slow speeds which feeds back through the handlebars, can see the caliper move side-to-side when riding probably about 10mm movement? (would need to double check that though)

any ideas guys? cheers

Change it. Buy a new one, or maybe try eBay.


Change it/them mate - my discs were warped to buggery at last MOT because of a lot of heavy braking around town - was MOT failure so had to change them.

change it, but also find out why it warped, so that the next one is more avoidable…

have you ever crashed it or taken the wheel out?

I’m guessing the disc lock might have had something to do with it;)

ah guilty :slight_smile: ta x

It’s highly likely, given the nature of the “warped” that the carrier is causing as much problem as the disc itself.Somewhere like hagon engineering in Hainault could sort that out fairly quickly and cheaply.

Replace it like the others have said, I’m on my third set… 1st was buggered at 4k had the other set on since - 20k (both standard) and now whilst the bike is in being serviced it’s having Brembo HPK ones put on.

Cheers guys, looks like a new disc then. Was quoted 180 for a single disc, plus fitting. Wasnt happy, so I though Id check out the options. Riding home tonight, I had another look, and I over exaggerated on the amount of movement of the caliper (only 4-5mm movement).

Thinking of only buying one as the other seems hardly used (no ridges etc) I know I should replace both but it’ll be a little costly right now. Out of curiosity, if the bike is still under warranty, would putting after market discs invalidate the braking system etc?

thanks again

Hagon sorted out a set for me FOC, when they straighten a front rim. Both suzuki items - made of cheese.

Did a nice job.

Never touch a secondhand disk on ebay - you have no idea how many times someone has ridden away with the disk lock on.

Sound advice and you don’t know that it’s not being sold because it’s warped.

where ever you buy it from fit it yourself dude! a shop will charge you minimum of £30 probably more like £50. When its easy peasy to fit new ones.

I can build a house, and Im a whizz with digital imagery - but when it comes to mechanics on a bike, I turn into a ret*rd. How long would it take someone (in the know) to do? and what would they do it for? (Westie, you’re excluded from answering this thread :D)


I would be worried about the caliper movement assuming they are static calipers and not on sliders

the disc will have to be replaced for sure it is best practice to change both discs as the wear will be different causing uneven brake pad wear but 9/10 you will get away with it as after a while it will even out

fit new pads tho so they start even

I dont know about all bikes but mine does not have sliding calipers and is fixed in position your caliper should not be moving at all if the disc is that bad causing the disc to move stop riding it!!

As far as I know they’re sliding, but I’ll double check!

Stone me. So you should fit disks in pairs as they might otherwise brake unevenly. There on the same friggin’ wheel!

Does it matter that much unless your a GP star pushing the limit and even then it’s no more than an irritant, if that.

Fit new pads? Well, maybe, but the hydraulics will take up any disc thickness difference because that’s the nature of hydraulic systems. The pads only need changing if they need changing.

On the other hand, if your spending someone elses money, why not just change the whole front wheel with new discs and bearings and rebuild the callipers?

Should just about get out the right side of a grand.

Just change the warped one or go to Hagons or similar and get decent advice and work.

LOL - thanks oldguy, you’ve saved me exercising my sarcasm.

if ya havnt sorted it yet mate, i can get you 20% off the ebc prices. remember witht he new disc you will need new pads.

its fairly easy to change the discs, you just need a set of paddock stands, allen key ratchet set and maybe some other tools.