>i want to buy this dvd if any one has it let me know

or if you know where i can buy it also let me know

and dont try to ride like this at home or else where:P>>>>

Ha. Fast Berks.

crazy $h*t!

posted all these before…

great vids…you’ll find peopel that cant ride like that or even close to it wil call them idiots, berks…death wish riders etc…

me i say…******…:smiley:

i wouldnt recommend doing it it england as they will give you a stiff sentence for doing 200mph

its sad that they limit bikes to 186 mph when you can buy a veyron and go 253mph

those were the first busa’s and ZX12’s…unrestricted i believe, later models were capped at 186mph.

yeh but how many people can afford a Veyron:D;) plus i seen a vid of a ZX10 out accelerate one up to 150+…not bad going!:w00t:

the 04 zx10 is my favorite bike :slight_smile: its sad fast bikes stoped making these road tests as they make the guys from the likes of mcn look like they are…well noobs

shakey was the man…but dotn be fooled tho, some of them MCN boys can ride fella, Micheal Neeves beign one of them, very good rider;)

Fast Bike was or is the Max Power Mag of the bike world…

MCN is very commercial.

go on amazon you should be able to get it on there :slight_smile:

nope ive been looking for ages and its not on ebay or dukes website