WARNING - Very work unsafe! ADULTS ONLY

If you think it’s not good for here just delete it.

I just had to share it

Is it the usual way to celebrate the victory?


Like it Rottie, glad I checked it out before it gets taken away by the men in white coats !!!

Thats what you call minge drinking !!

I always thought that they are wearin black…


mib2 copy.jpg

The one in the middle is definitely not Foxy, so is it Andrew on a bad hair day?

Dude… wrong… good… but… very wrong

LOL… Looks like Hooters girls, if I’m not mistaken. And Rottie, you have too much time on your hands mate, that photo cracks me up!

I can see now why I could not open it from work But a good laugh

That may be a clip from “Rocco’s supermoto hard” that features Belladonna. I’m not sure though!

I was wondering why I still haven’t seen any comments from you Pete?!

Good morning!

Evening Rottie, we’re 9 hours ahead of GMT here!

That must be in Brazil! lol

talk about drinkin from the furry cup!!!

Ahead mate - South Korea

I think he meant the vid…

I think he meant the vid…

I won a race at Oulton last year and this definitely wasnt the way it was celebrated. I feel cheated!