Warning to those out in Surrey over tha bank holiday


Force targets bank holiday bikers

Despite accounting for just one percent of road users, around a quarter of those who die each year on Surrey’s roads are motorcyclists.
This weekend Surrey Police and the Surrey Safety Camera Partnership are targeting popular meeting points for bikers including Box Hill, Newlands Corner and the routes between, to educate motorcyclists about the dangers of anti-social riding and crackdown on any irresponsible bikers who abuse the roads.

Throughout the weekend various enforcement devices will be in place at different points around the county with police operating in both marked and unmarked vehicles.

Motorcyclists are being reminded to comply with speed limits, ensure their motorcycles are legally on the road and that they display the correct size registration plate.

Can any of the police on here confirm this?

this is, historically, the weekend that plod start the silly season policing…i.e police the minority who can’t help but ride like idiots ruining it for the majority.

I would say it’s accurate, especially as it’s Surreypol, they don’t tolerate motorcycling offences at the best of times.

Cheers George i’ll remember to take my clear visor when i pick up my bike.:wink:

Thanks for the heads up:)