Warning: Rant thread

Yes sorry you’re right

Thought I’d give you an update on this.

So the day after the seller agreeing to cover the costs of the diagnostic work (Thursday) I got another call from North London Triumph (I gave them the benefit of the doubt until now as they could have come good, you’ll see why I changed my mind as the saga progresses) saying the boss had said to check the gearbox and guess what? That meant more diagnostic work for me to pay for… Not happening says I. By this point I’d sent complaints to the warranty company (Car Care Plan) and to Triumph Aftersales, and CEO of Triumph Nick Bloor (worth a try…).

On the following Monday I got a call from the Staffordshire Triumph (the seller) asking if I’d emailed Nick Bloor as he’d had a call from the General Manager of Triumph UK trying to find out what the hell was going on. He pulled some strings and got things moving a bit quicker and I was told I would have my bike back fixed by the Friday.

Fast forward to the Friday morning and another call from the Seller rather than North London Triumph, slightly confused I answer only to be told that he’s had a call from NLT saying the bike was fixed but they were saying that the rear brakes were in dangerous condition and that they didn’t want to risk a test ride without them being sorted and it was going to cost £350…The seller said he was confused as his paperwork and photos from the pre-sale check said there was 4mm on the rear pads and as I’d only done 300 miles on the bike since buying it something wasn’t right. So I called NLT and asked if they were going to tell me at any point rather than calling the seller so he could call me. I also explained that the seller’s paperwork stated 4mm of pad left etc… He said he would ring the seller and call me back in 45 minutes (hint: that was Sat 29/08…I’m still waiting for the call)

So he called NLT back and spoke to the head manager there and after some discussion they agreed to deliver the bike to me without test riding it and the seller would provide me with a new disc and news pads on the condition I sent the old ones back to him so his technicians could investigate. After an email between the seller, the manager of NLT and myself confirming I was happy with the arrangement, the manger of NLT emailed to say delivery had been organised for the next day and I would get a call giving me an ETA (Hint no2: Still waiting for that call too).

Saturday comes, and the bike gets delivered. I have quick look at the brakes and all seems fine. A 40mile ride and a visual inspection by my usual mechanic and I’m happy that they’re safe.

Move on to last week after a 3 day blast to France on the bike the new brakes had arrived and I got my mechanic to do the swap for me. He confirms the brakes on the bike are absolutely fine, pads almost brand new, disc is slightly scored but wouldn’t be an issue if it went through an MOT. I’ll let you lot make your mind up if you think the pads are knackered or not…

In summary avoid North London Triumph like the plague, that being said it seems people don’t actually do that so might be the wrong expression.

On a brighter note, the riding in France was feckin amazing!


Always email the CEO. Works great. Did that for both our Panasonic tumble drier and my Garmin fitness tracker.

In both occasions I got a call the following day with an apology and a offer for a replacement.

Yeah, while I didn’t get anything from him I got an apology from the GM of Triumph UK which is more than I’ve had from NLT

So if I email the Queen & complain about Boris…


Hopefully she’ll unleash 007 on him, or at worst unleash Prince Andrew on him.

Surely anything’s worth a try?

The only thing to worry about Ponce Andrew if he’s babysitting your kids.

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Forget Lizzie, you need to go to the top. Not sure how easy it is to get Cummings’ email mind.

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Very easy, just need to spoof the email to make it look like it’s coming from Specsavers

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Kind of related to this but a quick email to the CEO of Dell and they are sending someone to collect a laptop 3 months in that is not working as expected for a full refund.

This has been the vein of my life for the last 6 months, they have been horrific! has been taking us weeks/months to get someone out to fix stuff.

apparently a screw under the touch pad is considered a software fault!!

never been a fan of Dell, but they have been socking recently.

yep got a laptop for my missus and even though it was well specked out it runs like a dog!
apparently no hardware issue and they wanted me to pay £50 to get someone to troubleshoot the software…

we are out of the 14days of free returns by a couple months. but she had enough of it. so its going back