Warning: Rant thread

Strap in folks this is going to be a long one.

Let’s rewind to the end of June, I travel 2.5hrs to a Triumph dealer to see a bike spotted on Autotrader.
Bike seems good, test ride goes well all fine and dandy I go ahead and put a deposit down on it.
10 days later the bike gets delivered, a week before my birthday and I’m a very happy chappy.
A couple of days in I notice the bike makes a nasty clunking noise at low speed (filtering, u-turns that sort of thing).

So I ring up the dealer who sold me the bike, who reminds me that it’s an Approved Triumph so the warranty means I can get it checked at my local dealer. Wahey thinks I, they’ll get it sorted and I might still make it over to France this summer.
So I ring up the local dealer and explain, After riding it over to them I managed to make the bike make the noise in the carpark so the technician could hear it. “Ah, that sounds like the selector shaft” says he, “we can fix it next week, let’s get it booked in”.
Job done, bike dropped off the following following Tuesday for what was supposed to be 3 days. Come Thursday I get a call saying “we’ve spoken to the warranty company and they’re saying that diagnostic work isn’t covered so you’ll be liable”
After a few calls back and forth between myself and the local dealer, myself and the dealer I bought from, the local dealer and the dealer I bought from, they finally take it apart and have a look and decide that it’s a clutch shim that’s the problem…but they can’t order parts until the warranty company have approved the claim,
so I tell them to order the parts as even if the claim isn’t approved I need it fixed and I’ll pay for it.
By Wednesday of week 2 I get a call from the warranty company asking me when the noise started etc…

Then nothing until yesterday, having not heard anything for a week I rang up the local dealer to see what the situation is. Wouldn’t you know it, I’m in luck the warranty company’s engineer has just been and has approved the claim so they’ve finally ordered parts (despite me telling them to do it last week),
parts should be in by Friday, the bike is booked in to the workshop to have the work done next Friday so I should be able to have it back the first week of September…FFS that’s going to be over a month from drop off to collection, but at least its getting fixed and it’s not going to cost me anything.

Fast forward 24hrs to today I get another call from the technician at the local dealer who says “my boss has told me to check the gear teeth on your bike, but I need your approval as you’re going to have to pay for it as it’s diagnostic work and that’s not covered under the warranty…” (deja-vu anyone?)
After a bit of back and forth on the phone I finally got angry and said I wasn’t going to pay for something just because they’ve suggested it. What if they find nothing wrong, do I still have to pay for it? Why do they suddenly think it’s gear teeth after 2 weeks of saying it’s the clutch shim? Apparently Triumph Warranty head office has told them to check…

So surely it’s covered by the Triumph warranty? Apparently not, if it was a Triumph warranty then it would be but the Approved Triumph warrantees are handled by a different company, with different small print…

I’m pulling my hair out here, the dealer who sold it to me have been great and have been very supportive, but my local dealer and the warranty company beyond a joke and the warranty itself barely seems worth the paper it’s written on.

Complaint emails have been sent to both Triumph and Car Care Plan (the warranty company), hopefully that might help, but I’m not holding my breath

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that’s a shit sandwich wrapped in turd tortilla


If within 30 days you have the absolute right to return the bike to the original dealer. No questions and a full refund. After 30 days and up to 6 months you can do the same albeit you really should give them an opportunity to fix before rejecting.

Your rights under contract and the consumer rights acts are a damn sight stronger than any warranty claim.

I had the same on a BMW. I told them, after getting dicked around, I’ll just be over to drop the bike off with the keys. They can arrange the refund whilst I wait. The fix couldn’t have been quicker! Lol


As Gavin has said, the consumer rights act gives you a lot of protection.

Also, if you paid the deposit using a credit card you’re also covered by ‘section 75’ which means the credit card company is also liable if there’s a problem…

Well, if you will buy a Triumph…

Have you tried calling abd speaking to someone at Triumph directly? They’ll be in a better position to advise on what’s covered, or not, by the various warranties and I’ve always found their customer service very good.

What would be the best way forward for you? Do you want a full refund? Do you want to keep the bike? Do you want compensation? Have you seen the light and want anything other than a Triumph???

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That really is just a humongous pile of poo. I’d fancy a test ride of the new Scramblers but after reading this and remembering Janey’s problems I’d now be looking elsewhere.

I know it is a car place but Honest Johns is a great place to get information:


I’m sorry to hear this. Always pay at least £50 by credit card - the deposit will be fine as linked above. In all future correspondence because they are clearly trying to dick you over have them put everything disucssed via phone in email too.

At the end of the day it’s their loss because it’s at least put the two of us off from buying an approved used Triumph in future.

In any case, contact your bank and raise a disputed payment for anything you’ve paid for so far

I only had one complaint of Triumph and that was the pitted camshaft lobes found at the 16,000 mile valve shim service. Left as was they went on to cover 40,000 miles before Miss Bates bumped into them on the B6277. They couldn’t have been a pretty sight by then, just as well the whole mo’cycle had to be replaced.

Give the right to reject within 30 days a lash.

I‘m just sitting here waiting for acemAn to come along. :nerd_face:


Ffs I was just about to say don’t mention Triumph and warranty otherwise Capital A for aCEMAN will be along


If we say it 3 times he’ll turn up :joy:

As for problems with Triumphs, I’ve got nearly 48k miles on my Speed Triple and the only major issue was a defective K&N oil filter which isn’t OEM.
Every bike manufacturer produces a lemon these days. You just have to hope you don’t get a Friday bike.

@Aceman @Aceman @Aceman

There I’ve summons him, perhaps he’ll appear now. :grin:

@Aceman Triumph goes Back to the Future with their latest foray into the bicycle market

Update: the dealer that sold me the bike rang the local dealer and gave them an earful and has told them to invoice them for the cost of the diagnostic work. He’s also said that he’ll be talking to the head of Triumph after care/warranty and will say that they won’t be selling any more Approved Triumphs if that’s the level of service that is given by the warranty.

Still going to take another week/10 days for me to get the bike back but at least I won’t be out of pocket.


Well that is some good news at least. Hope Triumph pay attention.


That dealer deserves a praise. Would have been so easy to just dismiss you / ignore you but he actually proactively solved it.


Yeah absolutely, Steve at Staffordshire Triumph has been great throughout.

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I thought the threshold was £100?

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Actually you could put £1 down, it is the overall cost of the item not how much you pay on a credit card.


£100 is the minimum cost of the item so if you buy something for £50 by credit card then you’re not covered.

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