Warning - Parking Obstruction in Waterloo Place

This morning I arrived at work and I wasn’t even late!! honest Guv! and this piece of sh|T crashlanded in the middle of my usual parking bay, ffs!!





Dear GOD, what the hell is that? Someone is VERY good with Photoshop to fake that up! Either that or we’re being invaded by Victorian-era aliens.

It’s all part of a French theatre group “Royal de luxe” who are in town.

That my friend is art…

But I think someone is having us on!

Ahh that`s where it got to,thought id lost it.

It beats a lot of things people portray as art.

Photoshop??? me???

I never turn up to a gun fight with a knife mate so here is the film evidence

Exhibit 1) http://www.captnmoto.co.uk/vids/The Thing.wmv