Warning over bogus police cars

so remember to wind your windows up on your bike and lock your doors…or alternatively lead the unmarked car on a nice ride to the police station and make you dont lose them on the way :wink:


Motorists have been warned to be certain they are stopping for police when flagged down by a car displaying a flashing blue light.

The alert came from Suffolk police after a lorry driver was assaulted in an attempted robbery after pulling over to the side of the A14 at Claydon. The lorry driver had responded to signals from an unmarked car before the car driver attacked him on Tuesday. Motorists are urged to leave their cars only when identification has been seen. Police urged motorists who think they are being asked to stop by an unmarked police car to take the following steps:
Continue to drive sensibly
Stop only when it is safe to do so, but remain in your vehicle with the doors locked.
When an officer approaches, wind the window down sufficiently and ask the officer for his identification warrant card which he should have on him at all times.
A motorist is within his rights to proceed to the nearest lit area or the nearest police station before stopping

Easy to say when youve got some jobsworth trying to pull you over…can just imagine it…they flash the blue lights, waving at us to slow down, and we continue driving cos we’re not sure if real ol bill or not…they continue flashing and gesturing to pull over, we sit there panicking…do we stop dont we stop, are they real cops, aint they real…bluddy hell !!! :w00t: Cant go to nearest police stn cos we dont know where one is !! :stuck_out_tongue: Prob get done for not stopping or something as well as the reason they wanted to stop us in first place !!! :smiley:

yes would be very interesting but it is the law ! (once its unmarked of course)

what’s the world coming to, It’d be pretty confusing, some people are a’holes

Now ive got a good excuse not to stop and to take evasive action to lose them as i dont have a tin can round me for protection if they are bogus. If i continue to ride sensibly they may knock me off my bike so i have to get away from them just to be safe :D:D:D:D:D:D

When I got stopped (which was at night on a near deserted m-way) they asked if I used my mirrors much and I told them that I’d been trying to make sure the headlights were alternating as well as the blue lights in the grille cos I was on my bike with very few cars around. The cop didn’t seem peeved at all.