Warning of Speed Traps

Who’d have thought it was an offence in the first place?


Lighting blue touch paper…

Do you reckon you could get done for driving at the speed limit backwards and forwards past these things then?

I for one am going to continue to warn others about the speeds traps. Radar Traps that is and not fixed cameras, if someone driving along fails to notice a great big yellow box on a pole then they deserve the points and fine, however if the camera is hidden or the speed limit in force un clear then appeals are most definitely the order of the day.


• High crime levels

•The high number of hit n runs

•The number of uninsured drivers loose on the roads

•The number of people released early from clink to commit further crimes

…nice to know bLiar has his priorities right eh?

I will continue to warn drivers/bikers of speed traps and police presence on the roads, if i want to stick my thumb out of the window in a downward motion then that is up to me, do we not live in a free country ? MMmmm not sure!!

Fcuking polititions and law lords can go fcuk themselves!!!

Prehaps i should take up mugging, burgulary etc, at least you only get a slap on the wrist…

" yes your honer i plead guilty to sticking my thumb out " WTF!!!

QUOTE: "The Crown Prosecution Service is seeking the right to go to the House of Lords to overturn the legal technicality on which he was cleared. It says that it should not have to establish that any driver slowed as a result of arm waving or the flashing of headlights before being able to win a conviction for obstructing a police officer. "

WTF!!! Perhaps we should just scrap the courts all together and just let the CPS and the Police decide whos guilty. Innocent until proven guilty? Not for much longer…

“Anti-speed-camera demonstrators include a cyclist nicknamed Christ-on-a-Bike, who is accused of destroying 75 Gatso devices worth £1 million”

He’s my hero

Anyways, if the whole idea of speed traps and cameras is to slow down traffic in the name of “safety”, surely that’s what you do when you warn somebody that there is a trap ahead… In fact, because you make them aware sooner, they slow down for longer. Everybody wins I reckon…

Perhaps that should read:

The request said: “For there to be an obstruction of a PC in the execution of his duty by getting in the way of a police revenue generation device, is it necessary for the prosecution to prove that those warned were exceeding the speed or were likely to do so at that location?”


Christ on a bike, enough to make me turn from being agnostic.


May 15 2005


By Jon Kelly

A CYCLIST accused of wrecking speed cameras worth £1million is being hunted by police.

Officers believe that Chris Crowley - nicknamed “Christ on a Bike” - is responsible for setting fire to 75 Gatso devices.

He was due in court to stand trial two weeks ago, but failed to turn up and detectives are now trying to find him.

Bike-riding Crowley, 54, got his nickname because he was born on Christmas Day.

Neighbours at the voluntary worker’s home in Chiswick, West London, said he had been missing for a week after he failed to appear at Isleworth Crown Court on April 29.

He is charged with damaging two cameras but police believe he has been much more active.

Detective Inspector Ian Roberts of the Traffic and Transport Intelligence Unit said: “Over the past four years it has become quite apparent there has been a sustained campaign and whoever has been doing this certainly knows what they are doing.”

Crowley is charged with two counts of arson and one count of having articles with intent to destroy or damage property and criminal damage.

A Met Police spokesman said: “A warrant has been issued for his arrest.”


He be da top man in my book cheers

What a top man! Nice one fella! Destroy away!


we have an easier trick…

wait at the other end and give out £30 penalty notices for causing ‘Undue dazzle’

simple and effective.

like shooting fish in a barrel…

personally, i hate scamera vans.

but if i’m standing 300yds from a school with a laser at the schools request and someone flashed a tosser bearing down on that school at 40/50 mph then i’m giving him/her a ticket as well…

I don’t like the vans personally or gatso’s.

Soz PS, I knew there’d be trouble hehe.

It’s a new one on me, but I picked it up from another forum - it was mentioned in a fascinating 10 page (at latest count) thread about this. The issue is whether you are deemed to be obstructing an officer in their duties. The use of headlight flashing is perhaps a side issue.

A point was made thus:

Would you flash or in some other way stop a drunk driver from proceeding towards a roadside breath-test point (or whatever)?

Why should stopping/warning someone who is definitely speeding be any different?

Still a traffic law and potentially just as serious consequences.

Personally, I never flash or warn car/van drivers. Bikes?.. can’t remember

And remember folks, it could (and apparently very easily) be an offence to flash your headlights at oncoming traffic. I think it is something to do with being permitted only to notify another road user of your presence.

I couldn’t swear to this but I don’t think “slow down there’s a speedtrap ahead” and “move into the inside lane, you tosser” are mentioned as valid reasons in the Highway Code or Road Traffic Act.