Warning for Borough Market tomorrow night

Lou snapped this tonight:

I think it may mean parking is going to be limited…

oh cobblers and a thousand curses on this crap forum!!!

Anyway, there’s a stonking great hole in the road by our parking bays at Borough. Be warned for tomorrow.

Ok try again.

here is the image

so it’s a no go or what?

That looks like a serious hole!

I am hoping to turn up to BM. I guess we’ll just have to park around it :slight_smile:

Wonder if they pulled a Chinese woman out of it !!

blimey that’s a bit substantial!

backup meeting point: down the hill, under the bridge.

Wow … that reminds me of Turkmenistan :hehe:

I’ll be walking through that way in about ten minutes and back in a few hours, can check the situation if you like.

Take photos on both walk-pasts please, that way we can all judge whether the council people (or whoever) are actually working to fix it or not! :slight_smile:


That’s not a pothole, more a mere divot…:smiley:

Someone park a Harley there:D

more reason to go to blackheath instead.

Spoke to the guy doing the work, road will be closed until at least Friday afternoon, probably longer

Doesn’t look too bad from this angle:

But when you look a bit closer…

Blackheath is looking a better bet now.

looks kinda deep lol

i thought the pot holes around bethnal green was bad

hole is about 20x20x4 feet now, just watched them put a camera down the broken pipe. been here 45 mins, saw plum turn up and go. I’m off home now