Warning for a tinted visor!

I think this sux ass.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing I understand. I would of asked the officer what the allowed level of tint was, and to produce equipment that could acurately measure the amount of light seen through your visor, as you are entitled to. His opinion is not enough to my mind.

I got told off by a policeman in Brixton last year for riding with my visor open.

Didnt want to argue woth him as that could have ended up with a fine.

Sorry, but I must have missed the recent update and change in legislation on this one. Can you point me in the direction of the Act and section etc, that confirms these recent changes?

I am serious, because this law is a new one on me.

All the law states is -


  1. It must be an approved visor / goggle It’ll either have a BS4110 mark or the new EC Regulation 22 type 05 mark.

  2. A 50% tint is the darkest allowed by law and even then it will be marked “for daylight use only”. Dark, mirrored etc. visors are illegal

The car windscreen regs do not apply to helmet visors and even though it mght be marked as “daylight use only” that does not make it illegal to use.

Goggles by the way are allowed to shut out 80% of ambient light as opposed to 50% on visors, and even in a crash situation it would have to be proved that the tinted or black visor contributed to the cause of the crash for there to be any contributory negligence.

that’s fine for you, but you are not a young lad on a scootah, you are a big boy who probably wouldn’t get pulled in the first place.

as Authur states earlier his visor IS marked with daylight use only, and is a legit product. I think a complaint is in order on this one, seems like pretty poor treatment to me.

If you read the comment how it was written you will see that Illegal was placed in exclamation marks, therefore i meant its not a written law but the police look unkindly upon it, especially as the visors are marked with “For Daytime use only” It is more to do with safety law than actual legal law, i wouldn’t want to wear any of my Non standard visors out of daytime light as its not safe

I’m not a policeman so do not know the exact law, but saying that, it sounds like this copper doesn’t know them either!!!

I concur, complaint letter would ensue if I were you, stops idiot Police.

Agree with T.C
2) A 50% tint is the darkest allowed by law and even then it will be marked “for daylight use only”. Dark, mirrored etc. visors are illegal

However, this very much depends on the particular force and the officer dealing with the matter. Most will be sensible and will be aware of the guidelines given in the ACPO National Motorcycle Enforcement Strategy (2008). ACPO

These state that if tinted visors are used during daylight hours, then a police officer should only give the rider advice on their use. If used during the hours of darkness or in conditions of reduced visibility, an officer should check the tint of the visor using Tintman equipment where available. The guidelines recommend a pragmatic approach, and only in cases where there’s an obvious danger should prosecution be considered.

So the general rules that the police follow are that visors should let through 50% of light transmission (dark and iridium visors don’t), but if you’re stopped during the day and you’ve less light transmission through your visor, you’re likely to get advice from the officer. If you use a tinted visor when it’s dark, you may face prosecution.

800x600 2.2.1 Tinted visors If tinted visors are used during daylight hours, advice only; if used during the hours of darkness or conditions of reduced visibility, consider prosecutionusing ‘Tintman’ equipment where available. It is acknowledged that there is much debate about this issue and many variables and anomalies can be applied. Therefore a pragmatic approach is necessary and only in cases where there is an obvious danger should prosecution be considered.

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A police officer once asked me ‘how are you?’ and I replied ‘I’m fine’. I wasn’t even wearing a dark visor or in fact riding a motorcycle at the time but I knew what he was thinking and felt like he had singled me out. The vindictive bastard.

You are clearly a marked man. Suggest you move to another part of the country :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: very good… Yep marked man, but you got away with a warning. Gsxrsam can you remove that big picture from the bottom of your posts? It’s fecking up my iPad view :-). Be okay if it was a ducati, but not an orange gsxr…

Well it happens from time to time, some policemen have been known to be a bit “keen”. Good effort on keeping an even temper and taking it without losing it. They aren’t all like that, as you have said. Patience gets you everywhere.

Keep Calm and Carry on. I carry a clear visor with me if I have the tinted one on. Policeman is being a tit. Just because you have L plates does not mean you are going to be a twat (although 95% of L plate riders are… :wink: ).

Just carry on riding and enjoying yourself. No point getting worked up about it. I’ve been stopped a couple of times for MOT checks and license/Road Tax checks. They have a job to do and a “quota” to meet…

They don’t have quotas anymore…just ‘expectations’

Was he wearing a white hat?

If you didn’t get a ticket, it was just a verbal “warning”, no dramas, not recorded anywhere.

I always keep a wheel of Edam in my rucksack to keep them at bay! :stuck_out_tongue:

What a tit! So he pulled you over because you know how to handle a bike and use engine brake - ergo you brake lights are broken?

As others have said, good job on keeping you cool.

Was it sunny?

I have recently been accused of having a broken brakelight by Dangerous B.

He was prooved erroneous after a quick check, seems I don`t brake as often as I should.

Mind you he does ride a Beemer.:w00t:

Accused is a bit harsh? it was just a public service advice moment! Feel free to brake as little or often as you deem fit!

Thanks Brian. :kiss: