warning; don't ride a honda !


I’m getting triple vision! (a couple have beat you to it!)

Sorry to hear about the killed/injured police. I hope it will be sorted out before more get hurt.


Dunno what they expect when they put half a ton on the back of the bloody bike, of course the front’s going to slap, it’s common sense. If they ditched most of the crap they carry I’m sure they’d still be able to do their job.

It’s crazy that our bike cops are expected to ride dodgy barges at 100mph+. I think it’s unacceptable, plain and simple. The loss of life is inexcusable, just because of money.

GSX-R 1000 with some soft paniers would do the job. COULD YOU IMAGINE!? Gulp, perhaps that’s not such a good idea after-all. Though I still reckon they don’t need such a big and heavy bike. What’s wrong with something more practical and every-day, like an FZ1? If they just want size, then what about the Kawasaki ZZ-R 1400?

(with optional high-mount clip-ons for comfort, of course)

u mean like this

Did anyone see Mad Alex stunting one of those up the Ace last night? … It was a sight to behold … superb bike control … that’s quite a heavy beast!!

Ace last night was bonkers!

The weave isn’t as bad as they are making it out to be…

the trick is to sense it starting then theres a couple of ways to deal with it…

  1. ‘feather’ the throttle (increasing speed by ‘fluctuating’ the throttle)

  2. scrub a little speed off.

problem sorted.

TVP practise inducing the weave on our runway and then dealing with it.

We have no reported ‘offs’ reported from our bikes.

I really hope our lot don’t ‘knee-jerk’ to this.

Cool, if all the forces ditch the Pans now I’ll snatch me one up cheap This is a well known issue with the new 1300 pans though, the old 1100’s don’t do it for some reason…

Shame about the rider though. What a horrible way to die. He might have been a cop but he was still a motorcyclist so my heart goes out to his family.

And, don’t ride a Honda? Pffft. I ride Honda 'till the day I die! I got a 12 year old bike sitting outsie that just got another years MOT so I can say with authority Honda is the Bizness

Ah, this comes in-line with the long-time biker moto “if in doubt, flat-out!”, yes? Not trying to make light of it, just having a giggle. So PS, what would your ideal work bike be if you were given the decision?

Best police bike?

they look like they want to become a suzuki!! there in the rizla strip!!! lol

that looks magic!!! and tasty!!

Same issue with the bmw back in the 80’s or was that early 90’s

if i remember right wasn’t it to do with the extra weight of the panniers too far back on the bike?

good question Jay…

let me think…

in an ideal world, a diferent bike for a specific reason…

active patrolling for a stolen bike sighted in a town then i would pull out a race rep bike on the undestanding that if i sighted it i would be on the right tool for the job…

likewise if i was escorting a World leader at high speed for 400miles i would like to be on a touring bike…

then if there was an off-road problem somewhere a trials bike for that…

But as an all rounder?

i suppose the kwakka does look kinda tempting…!!!

During a conversation over a few beers on Friday evening a friend informed me of some interesting news concerning the Lincolnshire police bikes.
Honda Pan Europeans apparently.
They have been having a spot of bother with the handling of late.
A few of the riders had been raising concerns.
Anyway to cut a long story short the Chief Superintendent decided he should put an end to the complaining with a practical demonstration.
This took place within the confines of Scampton aerodrome.
Gathering all the riders around him he verbally denounced their skills and then set off along the runway at a fast rate of knots.
The main runway at Scampton, for those that don’t know, has a gradual slope with a crest, and he quickly disappeared from view.
Several minutes ticked by and still no signs of the Chief Superintendent.
After about 10 minutes an AC1 in a Landrover arrived and enquired if they knew who the motorcyclist lying on the runway on the other side of the slope was.
And if they did, could they move him, because he was causing a problem with air traffic control.
Apparently he had come off the machine at over 120mph and had broken both arms, several ribs, plus other injuries.
As a the result of this incident Honda Pan Europeans are now grounded, not just in Lincolnshire but also in other counties across the UK.

About 5 years ago or more, my best mate saw this same thing happen to another police biker, It was in Watford area. Bike going straight on dual carriage way, when the bike started to wobble, throw the rider off and he wrapped him-self around a lamp post. My friend was the first at the scene and it was not nice.
He had to go to the inquest where the blame was put on the bike.