Warning - don't read if you are young.....

Just quoted £125 Insurance :smiley: Read it and weep young people :stuck_out_tongue:

age does help lol:cool:

For that much I hope it is fully comp

It is…plus European cover. Plus RAC basic recovery.

Like Matt said - some advantages to being an old fart :crazy:

They are doing this for your Mrs… somehow you have to afford blue pills.

Anyway, impressive. But I won’t say “I can’t wait”.

Good for you!

On your thousand? Jesus that’s a good as giving it to you for free.

Im an old git and get nowhere near that :crying:

£300+ for multibike …points dont make prizes

Not bike related but, bought a new car, esure wanted to add £30 to my already ridiculous policy taking it to £710
Cancelled, bought a new policy (again with esure) added protected no claims, key loss, mis-fuel etc (all additions that I didn’t have in my previous policy) new price £370

Insurance prices make no sense whatsoever

It’s because Nick rides a old barge! :slight_smile:

I got my King insured fully comp with all the bells and wistles for £450. Im 30…ish and it has no no-claims on it :slight_smile:

Your annual mileage can’t be much given you live in Nigeria!

Hi I got my CBF125 baby bike insured through Swinton a couple of months back for £62. The bonus was I got £30 cashback :slight_smile: My old Fzr1000 was £250 with them so theve had enough money out of me over the years.

I added an old person to my policy, it worked between £20/70 cheaper.

I’m hoping my soon to have garage will have the same effect on my premiums.

I found it was cheaper to have 3 policys rather than a multibike . £600 ish for em all on a multibike , total of £400 ish for 3 bikes on 3 seperate policys all earning no claims .

Considering how much it’s being (ab)used over here, I presume that’s for ‘any rider’ ? :wink:


Sssssshhhhh! We all agreed to keep quiet about that, remember?:Whistling:


My turn next! :smiley: