Warming up a bike

Should you warm up a bike before you set of? (im thinking of Hondas here)

If you do need to then consider this:

I usually go to the gym in the mornings - a 2 min ride away - so if I warm the bike up before the gym it will be cold by the time i finish my workout, or should I warm it up again after the gym or only after the gym when im about to ride to work 40 min ride?

Hope this makes sense

I’ve never bothered warming the engine up before using the bike.

Basically fire it up, put your lid and gloves on then ride off keeping the revs low for the first 5 minutes or so.

There’s various arguments as to whether you should or shouldn’t warm the engine before riding, but personally I think it’s a waste of time and fuel!

For a 2 minute ride, I wouldn’t even bother taking the bike. Instead, use the time to warm yourself up before hitting the weights or machines and run to the gym.


was thinking of running but that does answer the question about warming up the bike

Showing yourself on the bike to ladies at Gym, priceless

think that would warm them up?? LOL

bearing in mind i know nothing, i have been told by some less than reliable sources that you should probably warm your bike up to get it out of the choke cycle before riding off, or only ride at low revs until the throttle responds to tweaks promptly.

This has something to do with coking up the plugs under choke, fuel consumption and valve seating and various other stuff that i dont understand.

Alternatively, i could have just typed a load of b0llocks.


usually warm mine up while I put lid & gloves on, and ride gentlyish for the first couple of mins… What’s really bad for engines is free revving them from cold - does wonders for cam-shafts etc… not…

I have to give about 2 mins on my ducati as thats about the time it takes the oil to get going around the engine.

And yet they still sound like a bag of spanners

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Warming up a bike is all about the Lubrication,

after a long park (overnight stop) the oil in ur Engine settles, and ur left with dry Cylinders and valves.

that’s why it is recommended that you warm the Engine to get all parts lubricated before riding off

but it is also said that the oil cycle (pan-pump-filter-engine- and drip back) takes 15 secs

Some additives keep the chambers lubricated even after long stops, but donno how reliable that can be

hope i didn’t sound like a snob, and that this helped or made some sense :slight_smile:

I have always understood this too and always warm up older engines although I have been told that modern engines should NOT be warmed up as they are designed to ‘start and go’ and warming them up is actually worse for them. This is just what I have been told but have no idea what the reasons are behind this or even if it’s true.


I would also go with the 15 secs rather than 2 mins for oil to circulate.

(I know nothing about mechanics, and my answer is specific to scooters, but) my (scooter) dealer told me they don’t need warming up.

I don’t know why, and I probably wouldn’t understand it if someone told me, but I never wait for it to warm up.

The oil circulation argument wouldn’t apply to a two-stroke of course. Most scooters are four strokes these days though.