Wants to be a Pillion

I want to get on the back of someones bike before i start learning again jsut to get the feeling of being on a bike.

I love being on the back its soo much fun because you dont have to think about driving :slight_smile:

Someone take me for a spin :stuck_out_tongue: dont mind if its a girl or boy :slight_smile: x

Well if you can make it to Borough Market this evening, there is every chance someone might give you a lift to the Ace, it usually ends up that people head down to the Ace at some point.

I can’t, as I don’t really have a pillion seat on my bike, but I am sure someone will be kind enough to offer.

Roughly where are you from, someone on here might live local to you… :slight_smile:

im so shocked there arnt loads jumping at this a girl wants a ride, fellas whats up give her a good hard ride she says she loves it lol

Don’t worry there’s another thread with all that on.

oh i didnt see that one lol

Oh i didnt check this for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah im from islington :slight_smile:


I’m only down the road from you then and always up for going out for a ride… Weather is looking good for this weekend…

oh dear she didnt check back on this post for ages hhhmmm do i want a girl like that on the back of my bike ? lol

If I’m giving you a free ride I wanna see pics up front! :slight_smile:


and in return, you’ll send her pics of your back of course