Wanted ZX9

Hi I’m interested in buying a ZX9 but I’m mostly interested in the older models. Looking for a bike in running condition, price varies depending on bike but looking for a bike under £2,000 atm.

Will swap fazer 600 if interested :stuck_out_tongue: , no interest?

Didn’t they stop making the 9R in 03? Guess they’re all pre 05 then! :smiley:

Sorry, my mistake. I got confused. Yeah well pre 2003.

I was considering a 9R for a next bike, maybe a track bike - let me know how it is when you get one!




i like the f2p model (the last one)

MadDogDoug (21/01/2011)


http://www.autotrader.co.uk/search/used/bikes/kawasaki/zx/postcode/le32gn/radius/1501/quicksearch/true/engine-size-bikes/785cc_to_975cc[/quote] cool man, cheers!

http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic774260-39-1.aspx :wink:
you’ve probably seen it by now anyway

Eeep. Me wantie! But what’s the deal with the VIC?

Here is a link i found for you explains a VIC check…


Had my f2p 03 model over two years absolutely stonking bike infact gone to sell it a couple of times even recently an jst can’t part with it never fails on the grin factor :smiley:

If you’re still looking, there’s a nice C model here :