Wanted: ZX6R J 3 bolt can, Bandit 1200 or Daytona 600

Looking for a can, can be scratched and as scrappy as you like, doesn’t matter about being road legal, any will do as long as 3 bolt fixing and not a standard oem can.

You little fecker Slarty :smiley:

Not for a road bike :slight_smile:

I used to have a 1200 bandit i made a stubby for it and yep it was a 3 bolt fixing dunno if it helps? its yours if ya want it? im over in essex near lakeside.

Thanks but change of plan :frowning:

Slarty has seen the light and is going to shoehorn his Supercharged Busa lump into a slingshot frame for trackdays :w00t::smiley:

can get a brand new one for a fairly good price tbh.

Pm me if your interested and let me know what bike or engine or downpipes being used, make and year of the bike its from.