Wanted: Wheels for GSXR 750/600 K4

Need a pair of wheels with discs for a K4, must be straight, can collect. Condition of tyres is unimportant.

Have you tried Gixerjunkies mate?

Also they should have a compatibility chart somewhere so you can widen your search a bit:)

Not sure about k models but I know the older ones shared wheels with TL’s and Busa’s:)

Thanks, not tried yet, will do. I have read that all K wheels fit the K1-K7 but not sure if that’s true.

hahahaha i have a spare set of wheels but i`m not selling them as they are for wets so i dont get cought out on track this year;):P:D

Exactly what I want them for :slight_smile:

just got myself setup with some for the r1

you can also try motoforum. i just ended up trawling the usual fleabay and picking up the individual wheels and discs seperately.

got part worn wets for 80 quid on fleabay too

FWR were stop on to fit and balance the loose rims cheap by the way

also can recommend one of these to cart 'em around in - half the price of the dude selling at the track on monday.