I’m in need of a front end coplete or bits to make a front end for my Project Firestorm.

Ideally they should be late Fireblade bits but open to any suggestions really.

GIXXER and YZF bits would do as well.



think terrymotto might have usd s for sale.ill have a word and get back to ya.

off a gsxr…tug

Yo Chunky, I got 2 sets 4sale, both usd

1 set off a suk 1100m, the other off a suk 1100wt

Pm me if your intrested Fella

Cheers Terry but I’ve found a complete front end off a Fireblade RR3 that will bolt straight on.

Will probably be on your earhole for advise in the forthcoming weeks and months…lol

terrys good at that lol