Wanted urgently - standard can for '99 GSXR 750

Hi guys, due to a bit of a **** up on my part, replacement end can in one place/keys for locked storage in another, I am in desperate need of a stock or track legal can for my '99 GSX-R 750 SRAD.

I need it before Sat 13th March as I am going up to Rockingham to do a trackday on Sun 14th and I know for a fact that my current Raven Racing carbon can is way over the dB limit, it tested at 114dB at Brands and only came down to 108dB with a removable baffle inserted.

If anyone has one they can either lend me or sell me I will be eternally grateful!

PM me if you can help.

chech ya pm’s, got it sorted

Checked! :smiley:

Might have one in the garage? I’ll Have a look and pm you let, looks like you’re sorted anyway…

Cheers for that, I may well be sorted tomorrow thanks to Wolfie so I’ll let you know the outcome. :smiley:

if ya dont get sorted let me know, i might know some1 who my do me a favour and loan you 1.

Or you could get a baffle made up by Power Puff Girl’s bloke in Stevenage.

I spoke to Gabs originally about having my Raven can re-packed, as that’s the main reason its so loud, but couldn’t get it sorted before this weekend. Its still on the list of things to get done once the trackday is out of the way.

think ive got one of these with loads of other bits in the garage will check for you.

Its OK Andy, I picked up a stock can from Wolfie tonight, just need to fit it and I’m good to go, thanks for all the offers guys, much appreciated! :smiley: