Wanted: trailer for 1 bike

don’t want to pay more than 350gbp. London.

What bike do you want to transport?

I have a trailer that I used for a gsxr 600 and a zx6r without any probs. It has a spare wheel and ramp and it’s very light (aluminium). Asking price £100.00, will post some pictures later tonight unless you live close to Ruislip and want to come and have a look at it?!.

am interested. carrying a GSXR1000. probably exactly the same as your 600 from dimensions perspective. send me the pics when you have them to my email: [email protected].


Is that a 2 bike trailer then? If so I have a single trailer that I could sell then i’ll have the 2 bike one.

sorry, it’s a single bike trailer that carried those bikes on different occasions.

Ahh i see, just wanted to be a bit more sociable and have a 2 bike one to help others out

I’ll have to get to trackdays in comfort on my own still then

Nothing wrong with that…I just wouldn’t have where to store a decent 2 bike trailer. Still, once I get rid of mine I might have to get in touch with you to get to track days .