wanted sv650 haynes manual

just wondering if any one has one they dont need anymore as £20 for a book is abit much i was thinking

if youve got one your willing to part with let me know ive got the money reay and waiting



Needs to have clear pictures on how to fit mirrors :smiley:

£20 for a book is abit much

But it isn’t really, when you think how much you will save by using it:)

Download it;)



nah looking to do head races, wheels bearings and afew other bits as my big service is coming up the only thing i wont do is engine work

Cheers chunky :smiley:

Exactly what I was thinking !

+1 Thanks chunky…

Don’t suppose you know a site for cars for a ford fiesta, mark 4?:smiley:


have one that s now redundant…i have a Thou:D

i can ‘lend’ it to you, but i have promised it to a mate that will have an SV6 soon:)

nice one ill take you up on that offer ill photo copy it and get it ring binded:D

should be at BM tomrrow:D

good site for bits n bobs for SV’s:) http://www.chewys-stuff.co.uk/

ahh nuts im not about i gotta shoot off from work at 5:30pm maybe the ace on friday?

will be at ace, i found a photocopied manual i downloaded ages ago! all stapled already, ya can have that, will bring haynes incase the photocopies dont have what ya need. should be there about 7’ish