Wanted - Sportsbike luggage...

Needs some luggage for the CBR (that I will be buying :D) and was wondering if someones getting rid…

me too! just some sports panniers would be nice…watching a few on ebay atm though

Ebay is a good place to start. Givi stuff will be cheaper than new but never really cheap because it’s so desirable.

I’d recommend considering hard luggage and the option of drilling a mounting plate to a spare pillion seat. I’ve heard lots of stories about soft luggage getting caught up and that’s the last thing you want especially when your touring.

I bookmarked this a long time ago


Alex Gold (10/06/2010)

I bookmarked this a long time ago


Blimey that’s cheap:w00t:

I’ve got two tailpacks and a tankbag lying around … PM me if you are still looking.

nah im only after some soft luggage as i dont like the hard stuff and dont want it permanently on my bike

I have soft luggage, I am looking to sell.

It’s only been used once (or twice?) - pm me, if your interested.