wanted some old peice of crap

i have just totaled my first bike that to be honest i couldent realy aford so i need another bike and as now i have the time to buid one im gonna build a custom chopper so this is an apeal i need an engine like a 250 or something n a frame with v5 that someone wants gone i can collect from the greater london area so anything goin cheep or free please please please help me out

cheers guys

us bikers gotta stick together

my mates selling a 1997 CBR600 for £1400 if thats cheap enough?

honestly mate cheeper weer talking under £50 all it needs is an engine n frame wheels optional v5 would b a plus

Looks better than you want and cheap


think terrymotto is selling his bike,about that price

he will be when he flips is hahaha