Wanted: Software Engineers (C#, .Net, ASP, SQL etc), near London Bridge

Where I work are currently recruiting for a software engineer role, C#, ASP.Net, MVC, JS, SQL (Oracle) etc. We supply to Pharmaceutical / Bio-science, coding covers web based system, desktop apps, and robotic integration and more, office down near Bermondsey Street / London Bridge (plenty of bike parking!)

Full details: http://www.titian.co.uk/about/careers/

Is a good company, stable and growing, treats staff well, flexible working, well planned projects, almost no crunch or overtime.

Let us know - we have a good referral scheme :wink:

You’re potentially going to want to punch me in the face, but my day job is IT recruitment if you get really stuck :)

My network in C# is weirdly better in Switzerland than London though.

Let the punching commence!

Thanks for the offer, but we do already work with a number of recruitment agencies (predominantly Client Server), but as we have a nice referral bonus on offer, I’d thought I’d post this here too! :wink: