* WANTED * snowboard with bindings

i dont want to buy a new one and im guessing somebody must have one tucked away somewhere out there that they know there never going to use again !!

ask around all of your friends as im desperate to buy + soon too.

make me an off I cannot refuse and I might part with mine.burton step in boots size 10 with bindings and bag. good condition… boots could probably do with a wash though.

Let me know your offer.

sounds good fella - tell you what you wash em for me so i dont have to smell cheesey feet lol and tell me what boots they are so i can see them + then maybe ill make you an offer.

also what board isit, length, condition and also what are the bindings ?

or even easier - do you have any pictures or could you possibly take some for meeeee. . . . ??:smiley: