wanted - small number plate

Know there were a couple of companies mentioned last year. Suggestions please.



I used these guys from Leggy Pete’s suggestion: http://www.design-a-cover.com/Number_Plates.htm

Really reasonable at £12.95!


I just ordered one from Malplates. I’ve been pulled a couple of times now for my miniscule one line plate so time for a 2 liner

One liners are always the best lol

never been pulled for my plate!!!

are you near uxbridge or slough??? if so then go to either the queensmere or chimes shopping centres and in both of them there is a guy who makes plates up!! you can check it on the laptop there and then before he prints it off!! you need to take your V5 with you and thats it!! its only 10 quid

My plate arrived today. Do I now have to drill holes in it? If so - HELP

You could use velcro if you’re in the habit of removing it for parking.

Or you could use sticky pads.

all drilled for shewoolf hope its ok, nice afro btw x

Thanks Westie and Oggy for sorting my holes out

BTW - the afro is now gone - you saw a rare sight today, lol.



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