WANTED. sized 41/42 boots.

well, as some of u might know iv buggered up my boots…(theres a hole in them)

so if u got some decent looking boots at and affordable price (around the 100 mark)


j&s are doing some nice looking boots around a 100 and under
oxted and makes like that

what size is that in the uk?

7/8 ish

like on some boots im a 7 but 8 in others… so i dont really know what size i am for certain boots

no boots at all?
maybe my feet are just too small :frowning:
might have to make a trip to the shop

and no £5.50 is not a good offer :D:D


name ur price??? :stuck_out_tongue:

im normally a 41 but i tried on some alpine starboots and i was a 42 in those. so there is actually some hope :stuck_out_tongue:

where abouts in dartford are you?

pm sent:)

replied :smiley:

im selling some size 11 ones… Oxtar TCS ones… RRP120
Dont know EU sizes… let me know if its the same size etc…

thanks for the reply bud. but size 11 is 4 sizes to big for me :frowning:
(yeah i have small feet )