WANTED - Sat Nav

hi guys,

Looking for advice re: sat nav. I know some can be sensitive whilst others completely rubbish. Have never had one b4 & don’t have the right phone for an app.

So any information much appreciated. Heading out for a road trip to Scotland in 1.5 wks (if interested, see my thread in ride-outs) & trying to sort myself out pronto (sellers of sat nav welcome here).


type satnav in the search bar, loads of info on here

myself Ive got a tomtom go930 car one, on a telferizer bracket, put a 12v socket onto bike for power and away ya go, I dont listen to the talking instructions just look at the map but if I want it is bluetooth also has earphone socket, also if it looks like rain I just use a clear sandwich bag to keep it dry

hope that helps :slight_smile:

I have just got a Garmin Zumo 660, with a Telefizer mount.

Not actually used it yet, but it will be in action this sunday on our way to Belgium.

All i would say is that through experience make sure it is secured to the mount you use properly otherwise you might end up like me and stopping on the hard shoulder of the M4 and running back to pick it up because it fell out:w00t::smiley: Expensive mistake to make so now i will be double double checking its in properly:hehe:

Ditto I have tomtom 910 older unit had it on bike and works fine - don’t need verbal instructions but I turned it up loud so I could hear some instructions when in town at low speed - Homer simpson went down well with pedestrians - but it worked fine. Had similar plastic bag to hand if it rained - it didn’t

For infrequent trips its fine.

i stuck my tom tom 1 to the tank the other day and it worked fine

granted you cant hear it

hahaha thx for the tip. amused :stuck_out_tongue:
i have seen this one online, latest shabang & price to fit right? let me know it performs.

thx all for ur responses, will chk the other historical threads as well. cheers :smiley:

This phone comes with free satnav, going cheap on Ebay :hehe:

If you have an iPhone buy the TomTom app for it, and stick it in a tank bag and away you go.

Used my iPhone/Tomtom setup for the Help for Heroes European rally this summer and it worked a treat.

thx for feedbacks! ended up getting zumo 660 off ebay so hopefully it’s not a dud :ermm: & wishing hard that it posts on time b4 trip this weekend :pinch:

I use a tom tom, £85 halfords at the time, i got for the car, its sticks to the tank no probs:D

i use to have a navman, with ear socket, was great too,

The Garmin 660 worked fantastic on our day trip to Belgium, no issues at all. Im very happy with it and ok it’s not cheap but the screen is easy to use and the spoken directions worked fine. Definitely recommend it.