Wanted: Rider to Pillion Intercom

Would like some advice on these as I looking for one. Seen a number on ebay but there are so many, wondered if anyone can steer me towards a good priced one but away from the crappy versions. Also would it be worth me getting a rider to rider one instead of rider to pillion, whilst im spending the money.


Just get a pair of walkie talkies with a VOX system (it recognizes that you’re talking so you don’t have to press anything). Few miles range, or you can use it with your pillion.

We use the bottom of the range Autocom system for rider to pillion, it is battery fead so no wiring required to the bike only £100 and its the dogs do dar’s Also use autocom with motorola radios for bike to bike cost around £280 and is excelent.

Some of the cheaper ones are sposed to be quite good as well

I got one of the cheap ones from Lidl (and a spare). It’s only rider to pillion, they get wired to the box on your belt. I’ve not really tested it properly yet, as the batteries I put in it where flat and only lasted about 10 seconds…

For the short time it was functioning, it did the job okay. Unless the other half gets a bike of any kind, I don’t see the need for a bike to bike setup. It would be nice not being wired together, but for £95 extra, I’m not sure it’s worth it?

Thanks for the info, gives me somewhere to start from.

We use Starcom for it all - well pleased


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Its ok, Grims version obviously comes with the mute option

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There you go. All you need for Bike-to-bike or rider-to-pilion:

plus two of these:

No need for spending £150+

have you asked the rider - i don’t want my missus talking to me on a journey… reasons

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c. i ride so i don’t have to talk to her… (hope she don’t see this (just got busted)

d. it won’t distract me at mumble MPH

Oooh, I like the option of those motorola’s with mic headsets. I assume others might bid on the one you linked though, so I may look for a different auction.

They’re really good, I’ve got a couple. Good battery life, range and sound quality.

Well Sean I NEVER scream, well only to say go faster! As for the rest…

b. she sings to keep herself amuzed…ahem

c. i ride so i don’t have to talk to her… (hope she don’t see this (just got busted)…that’ll teach ya!!

Joolz if you want something cheap to try out go lidls at the mo they’ve got all the bike stuff in and i saw the rider/pillion intercom’s there today

Given those Motorola are likely to go up over £50, wouldn’t these do the job -


or these -


They have headsets and have VOX settings.

Probably…I just know the Motorolas and know they’re good. We had many different radios at my previous work and had many problems with them, not with the Motos though.

HI, I have a set of midland walkie talkies which are great, takes a bit of time to get the settings right. I have used them rider to pillion and rider to rider.


Should anyone be interested, I’ve put the BT Intercom headsets back onto eBay. I find them a little quiet when being used as intercoms, they’re great for connecting to your phone or SatNav, but I had trouble hearing the other half when we got over 50mph. (Maybe that’s not such a bad thing)