WANTED: Race Can for Bandit 600 98/99

Hi all,

Anyone got a decent race can for me beloved Bandit…GSF600F 1998/99 S Reg

PM me

GP xxx

GP, If you can find out if a ZX6 (J model) can fits i’ve got a Carbon Can Co Black anodised Oval can with removable baffle you can have for abt £50 quid.

I know it fits one of the Bandits but just not sure which year / model etc.

Hello mate,

Will find out and think about it.


kawasaki cans fit bandits 600 and 1200s if they have a 3 bolt flange fitment just buy an adapter from banditmania. may even have one laying around. you will def notice differance with new can.

An old baked bean can would probably suit

Here it is fitted to my old Kwacker

oops that was the wrong pic

this is it…

£50 because it was sent away just before i sold the bike to be re-packed, the baffle alone is £24 which i got for MOT time. Just sitting in my Cupboard at home now

Here’s a better pic:

It does have a couple of small marks on it this one below where the can strap hangs the can:

and a small scrape on the bottom as you can see in the bigger pic.