WANTED: R6 clutch 2001


I’m looking for a complete R6 clutch. Its a 2001 model.

Need it sometime this week for a friend…

any help would be cool!

Ta x

In the back of MCN are a number of bike breakers, one of them will be able to help, I’ve used Power Sport in Bradford in the past, bought a complete engine from them but they have a large warehouse crammed full of bike parts for almost any bike, new or old. http://www.powersport.co.uk/parts/index.html

They are also a new bike dealer and sell new parts so one way or another, you’ll get the bits.


cheers fellas! i will pass on the info and see if she has any luck. Its her first race on sunday and she bust the clutch the other day. silly girl!

Ta xx

Wish her luck from all at LB:)

will do!


Seems a bit late in the season to start or is this a shakedown for next season?

yeah its a special race thing - up in the west midlands. she lives up there. still trying to decide if i can go up for it.
She has been practising on the track and knocked off lots of seconds. reckon she will do well…

hoping to follow in her foot steps and get on the track myself…