WANTED propa bike..ie 'the rot' erm i mean riot!

on the look out for a decent ish ‘budget’ enduro/super moto ie mainly a honda xr400 or xr600,i’m not too fussy belongs as it is mechanically sound it can look rough as.

i have a poor mans budget as this is a 2nd bike to be used as a hack and loon bike without worrying if it hit’s the deck.

if you know of anything lurking in a garage somewhere needing some love let me know…cash waiting for the right bike:D

The plop is priceless… or worthless can’t remember :smiley:

sentimental value can lead to things being a bottomless pit of cash,or just do the least required to keep something going and enjoy it for what it is :wink:

i’ve almost had enough of browsing ebay and other online resources searching for the holy grail of rot…might just give in and get something half shiny :smiley:

no offence george i’m not after your bike :P… just something with similar style :cool:

still no joy,seem’s like all the dual purpose and big trailies have all disappeared within a 100 mile radius of where i live…when i did’nt have the money and was looking there was loads of the damn things!!

sod’s law eh :pinch: