Wanted, Patio Paving Slabs

Where can I buy, borrow or steal some? I need about 2 so I can prop up the side stand so the bike rests level on a curb.

I have some building blocks if that helps
Pick up from kings cross

I have some you can have. You’ll need to collect from Watford.

Partners neighbour in Shepherds Bush has some they are getting rid of that we were given to use as a base for a shed. Still got a few left

I could grab you a paving block or two from work on Monday, they’re smaller than normal paving slabs (around 20cm square) but a bit thicker, probably about as high as a normal kerb.

It’s near white city tube, I can leave it tucked away somewhere for you to collect.

Check your local facebook selling group

Thanks to all for the offers and thanks to Kev for the slabs. I’m all set.