Wanted : NC30

Would like to find a nc30 - 400 vfr - has to be a NC 30 with this color scheme :

A stock bike (stock exhaust at least) is preffered, without mph conversion or aftermarket parts…

I live in Paris, so there would be a bit of paperwork to clear (export certificate and so on).

400greybikes is fine, but a bike located near the south of UK would be easier for me to ride back home…

I’ve been looking for such a bike for some time, so I’m not in a rush, rather find a nice one with a nice price…

Thanks in advance

Hi - I have a really nice 1989 RC30 colours model that I have just brought over to Lyon (I am working here for a while). The bike is completely standard and you would struggle to find a better one.

Let me know if you would be interested.




What a yummy example of a classic little scoot:cool:If I wasn’t such a fat knacker I’d have that off ya;):smiley:

This one no good?


The Bike Shop in Faversham had one for sale recently (even tho it wasn’t on their website last time I looked). I think everything was as standard and it in the red/white/blue (I remember cos I liked the bike but hated the colour scheme).

Faversham is about half an hour from Dover or Eurotunnel, so not too far from the continent.

how much is this vfr