Wanted: Mega Cheap Crap Car

Im after a really really cheap old banger for winter - Im tucking up my golf in the garage so the new paint job doesnt get ruined.

The cheaper & more random the better but must have at least 3 months tax & mot

RWD would be nice too incase we get any snow :stuck_out_tongue:

hello mate. my mate has a astra for £400ono

tatty as would expect for that money, not sure if it needs majour work or not.

i have your mobile number still i think. i will get pics and info and let ya know mate! :slight_smile:

Or another mate has a rover with a blown gearbox if your interested lol


I was trying to give away a car all summer (posted on here as well). Gave it to charity in the end.

missed out by a week man, my old man just sold a mondeo for £300 only thing wrong with it was aircon did not work, and I guess for winter this would not have been to much of an issue

You could have used the car to grow your mushrooms in :smiley:

Afro’s got one! :w00t::hehe::w00t: