wanted...free bike...

have you got an old chiit box standing in the shed…any bike…any size…

gis a pm…i want to restore somthing…



i have mrs palmers and her five daughters that i want to trade in for a new model so if you want you can have the old lot and try and referb them by the way its 6 bikes so hope you have storage for them lol

Careful smiled, these would be complete rebuilds… you know how ginge has ragged em out :w00t:

How ironic was this thread Shane?:blink:

Was thinking the same… :frowning:

PM sent:cool:

Shame you had to point it out :wink:

At least it means now he won’t have to worry about the embarrassment of possibly working on a Honda;):P:D

That’s probably because Hondas don’t need any work Chunks.

True, when they let go, they let go big time so you just chuck em away;)

lolol…thanks chunks…;)…lolas for gingers post…im not gonna toutch em as i know they aint been washed…lol!!!

redz…pm received and thanks soo soo much!!!