Wanted: Custom body work

I saw these really rather nice tank panel indicators for my bike a while back, but the company has stopped making them. However, I can’t get the idea out of my head so now I’m looking for someone that can make me some.

I have an idea for the design in my head, plus the pics of the ones I like, a paintshop to spray them to match the bike (Altamura), and a mechanic to fit them (that’ll be you Ricky). I just need someone to make them. Any recommendations?

Why not have a go yourself? ABS plastic is cheap and once you heat it up with a hair dryer you can bend it

tank panel indicators? what do they look like? have you got a picture you can post?
PS. I’m no good at making anything…well maybe coffee and certain cocktails…but interested to see what TPIs are…

El Diablo - Time priorities. I already have too much to do and too little time. I’d rather pay someone to do this for me and get on with something I know I enjoy. :slight_smile:

ST3R - I’ll get pics when my laptop is fixed. Using an iPhone at the moment.

For what bike? Pics pleeeze.

Bike is a Triumph Street Triple. Getting resprayed at the moment so if I can get the panels made I can get the paint shop to match them up.

This is the ones I saw - no longer being made. Not the best picture but it gives you an idea. I think if they were being custom made there is potential to make them a bit better.

try adapting b-king 1s.

Already looked at B-King ones - they would be way too big, and the wrong shape/lines. :frowning: