Wanted cheap hack upto £800

Hi im after a cheap hack as I would like a second bike.
Upto £800. Im not really fussed what it is as long as its 250cc or above. I dont want a trials bike though as I have little legs :slight_smile:
Something like an old Diversion, 500Gs, GPZ 500, cb500, Honda Bros etc.
If you know of anyone selling something please let me know.


I’m looking at a mates diversion in a garage clearance mission later- should know more about it by tea time. PM if you want more info but its likely to be a cheap hack!

Thanks for the replies. The divvy would be good as i like them. As for the ebay link thanks. Im currently watching about 30 bikes but they are going for a fair bit at the moment. Probably not the best time of the year to be looking for one.

Bike Trader, more cheap as chips machines than you could shake a stick at

inter webby do dah here

skip to page 2 or 3

Thanks for the replies. I managed to pick up a Divvy 600 for cheap :slight_smile: Has the usual noisy engine and I need to get an exhaust for it, but other than that its pretty good . Thanks all :slight_smile:


I know, tell me about it. Just up the road from me also. Typical timing :frowning: