Wanted C90

Wanted C90 - Must be a runner and cheap cheap cheap!!!

I’ll pay a pound more than terry :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch this Geezer, he will expect a guarantee, fecking service history and a full tank of petrol :D:P:)

thats for damn sure :smiley:

I on the other hand will take a ex pizza delivery/knowledge bike or your Grans shopping basketed bike :smiley:

I have 1 and terry offered me £1000 for it, didnt ya m8?
so ya gotta deal for £1001, sweet.

if it comes to this I can sell my one for £900. I will even give one pizza free :smiley:

See what you have started now Arnie?:P:D

No idea m8. I crashed others crash. I got c90. Everybody wants one :smiley: