Very brave and courageous man or woman to lead ‘Hels Farewell Ride Out’ from Box Hill on 31st August.

There are a few people who have signed up to this ride on the Boxhill Forum and also some mates of Hels, who have no sense of direction whatsoever. This includes Hels herself, who despite having ridden the lanes round Box most Sundays for a year, still doesn’t know the way to go. Therefore we need a leader. This person must fit the following job description:

Must know suitable lanes and interesting routes to Newlands caff and around the local area.

Must also be familiar with scenic spots, nice lakes, woods and places of interest.

Must be able to set a reasonable (although not ballistic) pace so people who want to go faster can, and the slower ones can catch up at suitable points on route.

Must be nice, friendly and have a good sense of humour.

Must be prepared to hang around Rykas car park for some considerable time chatting, drinking luke warm tea, looking at bikes, faffing around and eating chips.

Must be able to identify suitable loo stops and offer to be the one who stands in the queue at Newlands.

Must be able to lead a ride without getting lost and return with the same riders they set out with.

Must be familiar with both versions of Charlies Angels (more about this later :D)

Salary - £20 for the ride. However, the candidate may be given a pay rise if they prove suitable and a bonus if they lead a fantastic ride. The person can also do it for free if they like :smiley:

Applications are welcome. The interviewing panel will be Helen.

We really want a leader for the ride, or I will have to lead it and we’ll end up in Australia, so if you fancy the job, just PM me