Wanted BLACKBIRD Nose Cone

Brickwall 1, Blackbird 0

not the best result of the day, on a positive note could buy new clothes for it from Hong Kong, Repsol anyone ? :smiley:

so anyone happen to have a spare nosecone for a 'bird or know anyone flogging one ?

I’ve looked at the Repsol kit too :)However if you don’t do the wheels and tank too then it’ll be a bit off.

I have to confess to having a new spare nose cone (and both fairings) but i’m keeping them as I know the minute I flog 'em I’ll need 'em.

They’re kind of like an insurance premium. :wink:

would get the tank done thats not problem if go that route :slight_smile:


harsh but fair mate :D:D:D

well done today that was a cracking eulogy, hope you and Julie are well catch up soon :slight_smile: