Wanted: Black Exhaust Hanger For K4/5 GSXR

Im after an exhaust hanger to do away with the rear footpegs etc but Im not up for paying £40 for a small bit of metal! If anyones got a decent 2nd hand one they wanna sell me let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve got one from my R6, not sure if it’ll fit your bike or not :ermm:

jesters trick bits does them for £30. Dont know of any used ones going at the moemnt tho!

Bump! Still after one of these - Im after a 2nd hand Harris one in black if possible :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought a Yoshi (I think) hanger from fleabay for a tenner so my old pillion footpeg will be spare, it’s already been attacked with an angle grinder to make it into just a hanger . . . you can have that foc if you like. Could do with a bit more work and a repaint but will do the job.

Cheers for the offer Steve but I’m gonna hold on for a Harris hanger or something similar :slight_smile:

I got my new Arrow can to fit at the weekend so Im gonna bite the bullet and buy a new one - anyone know where i can buy a Harris hanger from? I wanna buy it in a shop so I have it for the weekend.