Wanted - BIKE TALK

Oh and a bike.
Anyone selling?
The knobs at Brent Council have kindly muellered the Death Star.
Am now seeking a new shell to climb onto to razz round town on attracting all the hot-totty and drunken fillies with, as I woo them with my azmazing wit and charm, and downright filthy promises of multiple … you get the picture

with you Tobi…no one ever gets the picture

me too me thinks

i want to sell my yzf750r for a grand, its the red virgin rep bike in these pics.


the problem is though its not registered in the uk, its registered as BFG (british forces germany) still on a uk plate which is the same one it was exported under. i havnt had the time to sort it as ive been too busy, the bikes in good nick and i used it a couple of times through the summer. not sure if its what your looking for??? ive got full track fairing with it and a spare set of wheels with wets on them???

give you a fiver for it adam….becouse its a yamaha…


What happened to the deathstar?

restrict it to 33bhp and ill have it july!!

It got collected, something about not paying the council tax?

What! The Empire has to pay council tax? There’s defiantly a disturbance in the force.

Brent Council don’t like bikes apparently, so to clean the streets instead of waiting for me to bin it, they sent a bin lorry round to run it over…then conmveniently told me it was a write-off…What really, after going under a 12 tonne dust truck…

Use the force Kenobi… and get a Ducati

You’ve got no idea how many I’m watchig on eBay right now…found a 2005 yellow 749 for £1500, no reserve…I’m ALL over that bad boy!

LOL. Come to the dark side