Wanted...bates twin headlight brkt to fit bandit 1200

hi guy’s and girls,

if any one can help after a bates twin headlight brkt for bandit 1200,the one that bolts to the headstock of the frame.

if any one has one and dont want too much for it let me know please,on a buget as been made redundant…

would be grateful for all help


have you tried nev at F1 moto near brands hatch or probably a better bet is richard at T.E.S in east grinstead ? il ask for you if u like as i kno them well

that would be really nice of you james

if you could would be grateful

cheers greenie x

If you dont have any joy, Give these a try. Exile’s only just sold his on flea bay



i am a member of oldskool,i put post on there a while ago and no one got back to me…oh well :frowning:

come on guys and girls…

please help me :frowning: