"Wanted" Bandit 600 Engine

Im looking for a replacement engine to fit my 97 Mk1 Bandit 600, Must be a good runner preferably with low mileage, Message me with offers and locations.


I have recently seen a couple on fleabay, there was a 650 too for 400quid, from breakers near Luton.

All I can say is be very very careful using fleabay…I got badly stung by a ***** engine a couple of months ago. If you buy from a user called ‘Impact Spares’ check it out first, and agree to pay after seeing it.

Apart from that, good luck :slight_smile: I’ll help ya fit it if you need help :slight_smile:

Was that the GS500 engine Mole? What happened?

The oil-cooled 750 gixxer engines slot right in… :smiley:

Yup, was the gs500… well, went there, spoke to the dude, the description was something like ‘was running in bike before it was broken for spares, will be steam cleaned.’

When he went round the back to get it, he litterally rolled it off the trolley, not caring about the crank case, the down pipes were half sawn off, there were about 8 bolts sheared - 2 on the down pipes, and various other places, the engine mounts were broken off on the front, and o, it hadn’t been touched let alone steam cleaned.

The dude went ‘oh, I think we at least drained the oil out of it’… like **** did they drain anything from it.
He tried to get rid of us as quickly as possible, and then turned square on and said ‘well, you gonna square up then?’ …he didn’t even realise we’d paid by paypal.

I couldn’t bring myself to argue with the bloke - he looked like he already had ‘little man syndrome’ so we took the engine and scarpered.

I’m now in the process of dismantling the engine to get the bits I need. It took me 2 hours to drain the thing because I don’t have a workbench…I don’t even have a garage. I only intended to swap the whole lot, and now I gotta take both engines apart to get Mole back on the road. Firkin’ pain in the rear end.

I can’t really complain about the bloke too, cos he didn’t say there was no damage, he just didn’t say anything about the damage. I learned the hard way I guess. Had never been stung on ebay before. I think the person running the ebay shop doesn’t talk to the dude who runs the real life shop, save getting the details for the item.

I have had my eye out on ebay, but i am wary for the reasons you guys (and gals) have said…

Still, anyone with a Bandit 600 Lump please PM me, im off the road for as long as it takes me to find one :frowning:

I hate to say this Moley but I did warn you that it sounded dodgy about the downpipes…remember?

I’d have left it there and requested a refund from Paypal and then reported him to Fleabay.

Still, a lesson learned eh?:wink:

try www.banditownersclub.com mate

Ooooh, I know CM, you did warn me! And you were right too! :slight_smile: I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a 600 engine… my mate Mark might know someone who’s quite trustworthy, I’ll ask later today.

Or try the sukbog email board.